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These various, delicious, unique chocolates and candies which are all waiting for to be tasted within their resplendent and colourful packagings are being served to your home after having many processes by Zumrut Gıda, from raw material state. Zumrut Gıda has been founded on 1995 in Gaziantep, which has plenty of products as with coconut, bars, tablet chocolates, rice crunched products, chocolate assortments, gift chocolates, candies, chewing gums and cake. As per year 2012, Zumrut Gıda who exports it' s products to 40 countries, and expands it' s production capacity at a great pace since it' s foundation each and every year. To carry all the capabilities of high technology over the production in order to be dynamic, different and the best, to produce faster and higher quality products under more and more hygenic conditions by production lines which added into our machine park each year, and to develop new products are primary targets of our company. As all Zumrut Gıda crew, we keep on working by believing in that our most important mission is customer satisfaction and we base our success on providing a continuous service. We want to take our place in future and that' s why we keep searching new products and new markets without respite. WE WISH A SWEET AND LOVELY LIFE ON EARTH WHERE NO WARS EXIST ON…

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Syria, Iraq, Qatar, Jordan, Israel, Lebanon, Iran, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Oman, Kuwait, Bahrain, Yemen, Egypt, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Tunisia, Algeria, Libya, Sudan, Morocco, Germany, Andorra Iceland, Montenegro, Czech Republic, Estonia, Arme

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Established Date: 1995  Tax Office: Gazikent  Tax Number: 9990053758  Staff Count: 101-250  Export Specialist: Memik ZENCİRLİ